20 hours alone 

The first hour.. 

I couldn’t stop crying. A foot cramp decides to board the plane with me.

Hour two 

The long awaited moment.. Star Wars: the force awakens!

Hour three

Me vs. air conditioner knob

Hour five

Popped a sleeping pill.. Sadly ineffective.

Hour seven

Creativity on fire, ten new sleeping positions discovered.

Hour eight

Surprised to be awoken from what must have been sleep. Contemplate taking the arduous journey to the toilet.

Hour nine

After watching 30 people use the bathroom consecutively, decided it was safer to hold on.

Hour ten

Asked for frittata.. given waffles. Guess I can’t complain.

Hour eleven

Line won’t move, fear my bladder might explode.

Hour twelve
Sunrise in Doha. Acquired a trolley; my new best friend.

Hour thirteen
It’s a trek to my gate. People don’t know how to use travelators, frustration.

Also a trek from gate to toilet. Need to get my priorities straight.
Hour fourteen

Phone went for a swim in a toilet bowl. Luckily lifeguards were on hand.


Hour sixteen 

Became a victim of manspreading as my neighbour encroaches on my space.

I take his headphones when he’s not looking.


Hour seventeen

Overcome by weariness.. I forgo the movies this time.

Hour nineteen

Rated the landing a 5/10, it was quite a bump.

Hour twenty

Arrived! My first thought was: should’ve worn more layers.


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