Go visit a cemetery 

I grew up on the stereotype that cemeteries are creepy, lifeless (no pun intended) spaces. What I saw was not a desolate place, but one filled with stories, with people and with life. I would count it as one of the most peaceful places I’ve been to yet. I wandered among the graves, awed by the history before me; the generations of families, and tombs hundreds of years old. It was beautiful – not morbid or sobering, but beautiful. Even though I had no reason to be there, and felt mildly insensitive to be taking photos, I am glad I went. If not, I would have never discovered this hidden gem.

I encourage you, go visit a cemetery. Trust me, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


I’m not dead,

I trade only the rooms.

I live in you

and go through your dreams.



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