Guess what I found…

I found a church! In fact, I found a graphically similar church to my own. Yes I did. It’s called International Chapel of Vienna (ICV). Held in a quaint little venue in a very nice, very large park. My first impressions: promising!

I sat in the service quietly reminding myself not to be overly critical – especially taking care not to compare the worship (Nations church does set the production bar very high). The sermon was a simple one about God’s promises. I was humbly reminded of the quieter details of God, the things we overlook because we hear them all the time.

I can gladly say I was refreshed by the small size of the church. I met a lot of Architects strangely – but no complaints there! And most exciting of all there is a strong young adults community here. I think I will find many friends here.




Ps. I found a curious sign. I’m disappointed I didn’t investigate this further mystery further today. On my next visit, this will be my top priority!



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