Thoughts on the countryside

The country landscape of Burgenland, Austria is not at all what I was expecting. There are no huge mountains, no forests that stretch forever, no deers frolicking in back gardens. The landscape is one of rolling green hills, vineyard on top of vineyard, tall golden reeds and wind turbines everywhere. I noticed a curious thing: the vineyards go right to the roadside but they have no fence, you could easily stop and pick the grapes right off the vines!

And then there are churches like this tucked away behind unobtrusive facades in picturesque towns…


Ps. I am confirming.. the grass is indeed greener on the otherside of the world; at least in this part. Here is a green so lush it could only belong to the lawns of the richest of the rich; lawns that are watered all year round; if there was a fashion show for grass, this grass would be supermodels.


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