How to exit a pool

A near miss on a head-on collision left me wondering; why in the world are people swimming on the wrong side of the pool? Only to realise I was on the wrong side! Such was my introduction to Stadthallenbad, maybe the only 50m pool with lanes in Vienna, and possibly with the most complicated ticketing system imaginable.

Firstly you receive a card from the front desk, which you tag to enter. Simple enough, but when you want to exit… good luck mate!

Step 1: Put your card into a machine (only because you saw someone else doing it)

Step 2: Stand in front of said machine clueless, until it spits out a little round token and gives you your card back.

Step 3: Proceed to the exit, thinking you can just walk out.

Step 4: Oops, no. There’s another machine!

Step 5: Put your card into this machine, stand around clueless again wondering where the people who know what they’re doing are.

Step 6: By this time you’ve realised you’re on your own. And have hopefully noticed the slot where you put your token in.

Step 7: Put the token in

Step 8: Despair! The machine mocks you, spitting out your token every time.

Step 9: On attempt 8, your token is accepted. Is it over yet? Can I leave now?

Step 10: No! It’s not over! Take your card back from this machine and proceed to.. another machine!

Step 11: Put your card into this machine, cursing whoever came up with this system

Step 12: This time the card is sucked up for good; the turnstile turns, and your free!



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