Mountain Mishaps 

In the first hour, we trekked through rain and mud, dodging surprise piles of cow poo and potholes, finding ourselves hopelessly lost in an effort to get to our hut on the top of the mountain; and so set the tone for our weekend church retreat. Thankfully, our kitchen adventures were more successes than failures (special shout out to the grilled watermelons) and my group game repertoire has greatly increased. Our resident mascot, Gideon was a great source of hilarity and misadventure. My favourite moment: when Gideon decides to commune with his puddle friends and return to us, a muddy monster.

^ the Sound of Music, The Hills Are Alive photo op.

^ the strangest wildflower ever encountered

^ Gideon’s face of regret

yag retreat group photo

Ps. By some miracle, we managed to get Gideon to do the perfect Victorian era dog pose for the camera. Thank you to everyone who made this retreat so memorable!


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