“The straight line is ungodly” and other quotes

I went on a bit of a discovery stroll through the Hundertwasser Village and Museum, getting myself acquainted with the works of Friedensreich Hundertwasser and his peculiar quotes. My favourite:

I am looking forward
to becoming humus myself
buried naked without coffin
under a beech tree planted by myself
on my land in Ao Tea Roa.”

His philosophy on architecture is fascinating, and his art is wild. There is much to learn from his Tree Tenants – a concept that marries the natural with the vertical, built world of man. The Kunst Haus Wien, has undulating floors, trees growing from the inside, and many colours, (maybe even a Humus toilet, but I didn’t check). He titles his works in refreshing ways. I noted down a few: Who Has Eaten All My Windows, Tropical Chinese, The I Still Don’t Know. Hundertwasser, what a peculiar man…

Ps. They say there are two types of people in Vienna: people who love Hundertwasser, and people who don’t; count me among the former!


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