a humble abode

An easy bus trip from Innsbruck to Fussen, a quaint german town, takes about 2 hours and will get you to one of the most visited castles in the world, which also happens to be the real Disney castle. Enjoy these fun facts I learned about Neuschwanstein Castle:

  1. It served as the model for the Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella castles for Disneyland
  2. The exterior is predominately designed by a painter, not an architect
  3. Everything inside is in its original condition!
  4. King Ludwig II oversaw every detail of the construction; nothing was built without his approval
  5. There is a replica grotto from one of Richard Wagner’s operettas inside
  6. The sunroom is the most beautiful room in the castle and the perfect place to read some medieval books
  7. There are many Wagner inspired artworks and hidden references to his operas around the castle
  8. The king was a very big fan of swans – he even commissioned swan door handles
  9. (maybe the king was a little eccentric)
  10. There is running water (hot and cold) and a flushing toilet in this 19th-century castle
  11. It had central heating in every room
  12. There is a hidden door to the King’s toilet in his bedroom
  13. The castle was never completed
  14. The view from the top is incredible and definitely worth taking the never ending spiral of stairs to get there
  15. The king lived a total of 172 days in the castle before drowning mysteriously in Lake Starnberg
  16. The castle was not intended for royal representation, it was simply the king’s retreat
  17. The walk to the castle is shown as a 40min uphill trek on the brochure, but being annoyed at one’s brother will get you up that hill in 20mins, and meet your daily workout goals
  18. Neuschwanstein surpassed all my expectations

Ps. Would you believed me, if I told you this photo is not actually of the toilet sign? And that I only noticed the sign’s contents after I snapped this picture? I was trying to capture the scenery, if not for that blasted pole in the way.


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