Perhaps I should announce that I, once again, find myself in the Southern Hemisphere, among the gum trees and ocean sighs. As I took a wander along the familiar streets of Perth realising things have changed, and things have not, I felt myself growing numb. Maybe it’s the emotional turmoil of homecoming, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, I could just be a little homesick – not for Perth, but for Vienna. Somehow I find myself in a space of disillusionment. I’m trying to take it in stride; though the city isn’t as convenient, the traffic lights are a bother, and I have lost all my pedestrian power (this upsets me the most!), Perth has its perks too. And so begins my new series of adventures being the undercover tourist in my own backyard.

Ps. Sadly, blue skies have become a rarity. These days the skies are bleak and grey and while the birds’ singing signify it is indeed springtime, it feels very much like the deep throws of winter.


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